It’s About Greed and Ego: Snyder Is an Egotistic Idiot, Worst Owner Ever

Posted: 11th November 2009 by Jonathan Mathis in NFL
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In the richest sports league, an egotistic owner by the name of Dan Snyder purchased a franchise in the NFL. I tip my hat offáto him,áhaving the proper necessities to own a franchise, since purchasing the Washington Redskins 10 years ago. But recently, in fact, a few years ago, I have putámyáthumbs downáand quickly watched the richest franchise in the league deteriorate. Like most people, grasping an understanding Snyder is heedless about winning and operates his chaotic business strictly for profit, describes an egotistic and greedy buffoon who doesnÆt have the audacity to bypass the reprehensibility and mortification ofádismantling achievements. At the largest stadium in the league, where Redskins'áfaithful appear on Sunday afternoons wearing pig noses to show fan appreciate as i ...

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Article written by Jonathan Mathis

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