It All Starts Up Front: Understanding Offensive Line Basics Part I

Posted: 4th October 2009 by Justin Javan in NFL
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I can see a lot of you reading the headline and thinking, ôThe offensive line? Why should I spend time learning about them? How boring.ö This attitude is evidenced by how little it is a subject on discussion boards. ItÆs a group of guys we donÆt notice, unless the QB gets sacked, and then only if itÆs an egregious mistake. Otherwise, were quite content to say it must have been the QBs fault. Conversely, when the QB makes an amazing play we say how great he is. We never talk about all the blocks that were made that gave him the time to complete that pass. When running plays go south, we blame the running back, and when the back runs for a big gain, we applaud him. So why should we understand the offensive line? Well, itÆs the building block for any good offense. If the foundation of a ...

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