I Recant! May the Oakland Raiders Dwell in Permanent Disarray

Posted: 18th December 2009 by Josh Gilchrist in NFL
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I recently wrote an article suggesting that even though the Raiders still are known to upset the Broncos, the rivalry has lost some of its luster. I have taken a lot of flack from Raiders fans and my fellow Broncos fans alike.á Click here to read some of the comments from Raiders and Broncos fans alike. á While I personally try to stay away from making any personal attacks on people when I leave comments, I am more than willing to go to battle with any of the delusional, obnoxiously arrogant fools who call themselves Raiders fans.

They are not even devoted to their team, they are devoted to a stupid mystique that is really a joke. They won some Super Bowls back in the day. Whoopdee doo! They are scary because they wear black, gang up on opposing fans, and are even willing to s ...

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Article written by Josh Gilchrist

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