How Quickly We Forget

Posted: 15th September 2009 by JP Frederick in NFL
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Ho-hum. Ho-hum, 180 yards. Three touchdowns, ho-hum. Let's talk about Brett Favre! Splendid! What did you think of that throw, Mr. Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Did it have the tight, crisp spin of a Brazilian pole-dancer? Percy Harvin caught three balls! Blimey! And then Brett tackled him and then they hugged and then it got a little awkward and then children's eyes had to be covered and then raunchiness was redefined and then a nun wept. Adrian Peterson, 180 yards, three touchdowns, a 64-yard ankle-breaking zig-zag through blocks and defenders, the brick stiff-arm, and a rocket booster-like dead sprint...ho-hum. Expected. Has it gotten to this point already? It usually takes a DWI or a season in Oakland or The Plastic Ono Band before we start taking greatness for granted. But barely three seas ...

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