How Eric Mangini Can Be Successful in Cleveland

Posted: 9th December 2009 by Brian DiTullio in NFL
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With the Pittsburgh Steelers coming to town Thursday night, this past SundayÆs game versus the Chargers was an indicator of how head coach Eric Mangini could be successful. á In short, just donÆt stink up the joint. á At a deeper level, the Chargers game shows how just a little success goes a long way with Cleveland fans. Now that the Browns have shown they can be competitive against a good team, the mood, all of a sudden, has changed. á The beat reporters, and even some of the fans, now are saying ôthe processö may actually be starting to work, and ônot so fastö on this whole ôfire Manginiö idea. á There are two problems with that line of thinking, the first being there still are four games left in the season. The second problem is the overall problem in Cleveland still exists ...

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Article written by Brian DiTullio

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