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Today, Richard and Mayumi Heene plead guilty to charges related to the infamous "Balloon Boy" stunt. Mr.áHeene pled to felony charges, while Mrs. Heene pled to misdeamenor charges. I would prefer to avoid the jargon of that story and go straight to the point, that being "Balloon Boy" is a lesson for an era based on reality-TV and people that get attention for acting terribly. In their case, they claimed that their son was in danger when the Balloon escaped.á All a hoax to get public attention. At this point, I merely think of people who create drama and make incendiary claims asáPop Culture Peons, because like PCP, they will act like unsocial animals and believe that they are invincible. I can't help but be reminded of the current situation in which ESPN has allowed people to accuse Rai ...

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