Homecoming Queen: With Brady Rule, Should NFL Allow Women to Play Quarterback?

Posted: 26th October 2009 by David Xaviel is Mr. X in NFL
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I have wondered something about The Brady Rule.á Since it almost allábut negates the ability of a defense to pressure an NFL quarterback, and thus makes the position easier and less physically demanding: How long before the NFL allows a woman to actually play quarterback? Thanks to the Brady Rule, not only do quarterbacks not have to worry about getting dirty, they also don't have to worry about their hair or manicures either. Thus, even an effeminate woman could play the position.á Giselle Bundchen is about 5'11", which would not make her the shortest quarterback to everáplay (shout out to Doug Flutie).á Why notágive the ball to her to throw?á How 'bout Jennie Finch?á Another ten pounds and she'd be the same size as Jeff Garcia. And in fact, rules have in the past allowed for wome ...

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