His Words: Rush Limbaugh Has Right To Speak, But No Right To Be Heard

Posted: 5th November 2009 by David Xaviel is Mr. X in NFL
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I'll make this simple.á In the recent months, there has been a backlash at the NFL for dropping Rush Limbaugh from the group bidding to buy the St. Louis Rams. Limbaugh's defenders have argued that it violated free speech or ran amuck of free-speech.á The irony is that, it was the result of Limbaugh's own words, in more than one way. Limbaugh speaks his mind, or atáleast what he thinks his audience wants to hear.á That doesn't play well with everyone.á Not everyone is a fan of Limbaugh, some are even angered by him. Some in the media even quoted things that Limbaugh never said about slavery and the assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr. Here though is a real quote for the media that runs with fictitious quotes because they don't actually listen to his show, past or present. In Limbaugh's ...

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