Hey, Detroit Lions, I Have One Simple Question: WTF?

Posted: 21st September 2009 by Chris Steward in NFL
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WTF? All the other questions have been asked.  Why did we draft Stafford? Why isn't Culpepper starting (my personal favorite)? A tight end at pick 20? In the first round? Really? All of those have been answered in some form or fashion; New face of franchise, the future is now, yes, uh huh, you got it. But the question I have is: "WTF?" WTF happened at halftime to change the whole demeanor of the team?  The Lions went into the locker room at halftime doing the unthinkable: they had the lead, kept Adrian Peterson in check and actually got Stafford to throw a touchdown for a change.    The defense was getting pressure, clogging the running lanes and winning. Things looked good.  I mean really good. I don't know what was said during the halftime speech, ...

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