Hey Broncos! Do You Want a Do-Over?

Posted: 28th December 2009 by Josh Broudy in NFL
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Make no mistake about it: Jay Cutler has top-five QB potential in this league.á He has a strong arm, and can move around in the pocket.á But what's one thing that's been holding him back since he arrived in the league with the most overrated QB draft class ever? Hisáhigh level ofáarrogance. He thinks he can make all the the throws. He thinks he is better than he is. Well, he's not. Bears fans probably agree by now. Jay Cutler is a gunslinger. But he is no Brett Favre. At least Brett Favre wins. Jay Cutler has never had a winning season. Last season, when the Broncos were on the verge of the playoffs, Jay Cutler andáhis teamácaught Cowboy-itis. They choked. Of course he wasn't the only problem on that team (i.e., the defensive issues), but he still didn't lead his team to the playoffs ...

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Article written by Josh Broudy

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