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Some could say that with the way the Giants defense has been playing, Eli ManningÆs performance doesnÆt even matter. á Looking forward, ManningÆs game may be the only thing that matters. á ItÆs hard to look ahead to the postseason right now and allocating one of the six spots to the currently floundering New York Giants. But this is a team that has not missed the playoffs as long as Manning has started from week one and boasts a resume that includes a remarkable 21 wins in 26 games since the 2007 regular season finale. á So letÆs give them a spot, then gaze into the road ahead that likely will not contain a merciful first-round bye. á As a Wild Card team, the Giants potential three-game stretch that would culminate in an appearance in Miami, could be the most treacherous imaginabl ...

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Article written by David Geller

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