For Those of You Who Think Denver Has No Chance: This One Is For You

Posted: 29th September 2009 by Seth Melton in NFL
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I am a bartender, so I get to watch ESPN all day at work and follow NFL Primetime, Live, and the whole nine yards. I see everything about all the teams. All day I watch only to watch analyst give Denver zero credit. I understand they all made assumptions of how terrible we would be. I understand the tougher part of our schedule is coming up. Facts are facts though ladies and gentlemen and I am here to give you some. Before I get to the facts, though, I read the Raiders articles. Raiders fans, just shut your mouth until you beat us again. Please just shut your mouth. You have a terrible QB and we dominated you in every aspect of the game. The Baltimore Ravens are number one in power rankings, while Denver sits at 13: The only 3-0 team out of the top ten. Denver has won their games 62-16, s ...

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