For Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders, It’s Time to Just Win, Baby!

Posted: 27th November 2009 by Tobi Writes in NFL
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Dear Al, I know you've heard the talk.á "Al's over the Hill." "The game has passed Al by." And that one the really has to light you up... "His deep passing game doesn't work anymore." Idiots. Like they haven't seen Kurt Warner bomb his teams into the Super Bowl. You can't put up with that garbage!á You are the Raiders!á You are the heart and soul of the greatness! Al, it's time to get back to top. The facts are the Raiders aren't meant to be builtáaround spoiled high draft picks. The Raiders are always at their best when they are built around the rejects of the rest of the league. The UFL is made of NFL rejects. Go raid the UFL. Jamarcus Russell can hold the bench down until his contract is up or until you decide to cut his fat, lazy ass. You don't need him. Bruce Gradkowski is a 53 pe ...

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