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ItÆs all your fault, you know. Yes, you, the one who pointed out how few injuries had struck fantasy owners thus far this season. YouÆre the reason we lost Cedric Benson, Ronnie Brown , Michael Turner , Julius Jones , and Brian Westbrook (again). You jinxed three of the top backs in fantasyàand Julius Jones just happened to go down the same week. I would say you cost us Kyle Orton, too, but it seems he wonÆt even miss a game despite his ankle injury. His neckbeard can take a twist of the ankle and a crushing in stride. ThereÆs something else that Orton and cockroaches have in common. ItÆs hard to say who got it the worst. Westbrook owners have been dealing with this all season. Much like Jon and Kate of ôplus eightö fame, no one expected this to last all season. Benson owners go ...

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Article written by Jacob Sloan

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