Finally in The Right Layne?: Stafford Lifts The Lions in One Fell Swoop

Posted: 28th September 2009 by Jay Wierenga in NFL
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On Sunday at around 1pm Pacific time, I felt a slight breeze out on the West Coast in my small apartment in Portland.á And while the fact that I live in the Willamette Valley may have figured into this breeze, I know in my hear that the real cause was a collective sigh of relief coming from my old home in the Midwest. That's right, folks, the Detroit Lions finally won a game! While Monday morning quarterbacks (like myself) can argue over whether or not it was all about Detroit winning or Washington losing, the real story was about a rookie quarterback winning over a city. Hold on east-coasters, I am not talking about your beloved Mark Sanchez and his inevitable (and premature) enshrinement in Canton, Ohio.á Sure, Sanchez and the Jets have been impressive and his head first dive into the ...

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Article written by Jay Wierenga

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