Eric Mangini and Cleveland Browns Ruining Brady Quinn’s NFL Career

Posted: 5th October 2009 by Erin McLaughlin in NFL
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In all likelihood, this will be my last articleáabout the Browns. What's going on in Cleveland just isn't right and I can't root for this team as long as Eric Mangini is the coach. Yes, I am a Brady Quinn fan, and always will be no matter what he does in the NFL. I am a college fan first and Quinn was a great quarterback at Notre Dame. Whatever he does in the NFL isáa bonus. I'm okay with him failing as long as he gets a fair chance and the failure is without excuse. What has happened this year is anything but fair in my opinion. For one, you have to give a guy more thanátwo-and-a-half games to develop. When I see a coach pull the plug that quickly,áit makes me thankful foráthe patience of Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis. Quarterback Jimmy Clausen was awful his freshman year. Two years ...

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