Doctors Implant Kryptonite in Bradys Knee

Posted: 23rd September 2009 by Nick Signorelli in NFL
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Okay, I have let the cat out of the bag. Superman's true identity as Clark Kent was all a lie. The fact is, Superman's true identity is Tom Brady. Don't believe me? Have you ever seen the two in the same place at the same time? Tom Brady, the guy who threw for 50 touchdown passes in 2007 and then had his knee torn up in the first half of the first game of the 2008 season (I still think Bernard Pollard's helmet should have been checked for Kryptonite), has looked more like Clark Kent than Superman since his return. Sure, there have been flashes of Superman. In the last two minutes of the Patriots' opening win against the Buffalo Bills, Brady looked like the real Tom Brady. But there have been many times, before and since, that Brady does not look like the REAL Tom Brady. I made a comment in ...

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