Do Da Dirty Bird: Previewing Week Nine, Falcons v. Redskins

Posted: 7th November 2009 by John McCurdy in NFL
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For a 2-5 team, the Washington Redskins sure are making a whole lotta noise. Even the occasional ESPN viewer is familiar with the faces of owner Dan Snyder, head coach Jim Zorn, and offensive "consultant" Sherman Lewis at this point, if for all the wrong reasons. In regards to bossman's words from this past week, I know he didn't make the perfect vocab choices, but shouldn't he feel bad about losses? I mean, do we expect him to be just singin' in the rain over this clueless offense? Of course, we've gotten a chance to see now what a shift in playcalling duties amounted to (um, nothing in terms of additional point production or cohesion), so this could all just be due to a particularly slow-building chemistry or off-kilter personnel. But anyway, no matter what's up in the capital, it's pret ...

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