Detroit Lions: You Can Win For Losing. Really.

Posted: 9th November 2009 by Chris Steward in NFL
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á It's pretty obvious by now isn't it? The Detroit Lions do not know how to win. We don't need to decipher the Da Vinci Code or the Kryptos structure at the CIA to figure that out. The team seems hell-bent on reminding us of the fact. But here's the problem fans have to deal with: One doesn't learn to win until learning to lose. Sounds dumb doesn't it? Who wants to learn to lose. Losing sucks, right? Why, yes. Yes, it does. It's just like learning to ride a bike. Of course, you are going to fall until you learn to ride. Failure, or fear of failure, always comes before success. And right now, the Lions are learning to lose. Most of you will say the Lions have been losing for 50 years. You're right, if you're referring to the franchise. But what people forget is the players are new. About 6 ...

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Article written by Chris Steward

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