Destroying The Village In Order To Save It: Quinn Needs To Play

Posted: 20th September 2009 by Christopher Maher in NFL
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I'm too young to have served in Vietnam. Too many lives were wasted there for no reason. Gen, William Westmoreland (known by the left as "Waste More Land") once defended eviscerating a hamlet in Vietnam by saying "We had to destroy the village in order to save it." Gen. Eric Mangini might be dropping the Napalm on many Browns fans in the 2009 season for the same reason. You wanted Brady Quinn, you have him. Now, enjoy. Quinn looked inept against the Minnesota Vikings' defense, but the Vikings can make many QBs look bad. The next test was Denver, and Golden Domer/Golden Boy produced two field goals against a mediocre defense. After Quinn was unimpressive against the Broncos in the first half, I drove four miles to a local waterhole that has the NFL Sunday Ticket. I wanted to see if the hoi ...

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