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I was perusing the InterWeb today when a headline on caught my attention. Moss' lack of effort could be poison ivy to Pats According to CBS SportsÆ Mike Freeman, Randy Moss is, quite possibly, the laziest man in professional sports. Freeman spent three whole hours on Sunday watching Randy Moss, and apparently only Randy Moss, and determined that his effort was lacking. It was a rather biting hatchet job. The type typically left to Internet hacks, a group I would imagine Freeman doesnÆt feel heÆs a member of. Here are some of his finer points: The problem for the Patriots is that Moss' lack of effort hurts the offense almost as much as his unbelievable abilities help it. Against the Falcons, defenders Moss was supposed to block, but refused to, went on to make the tackle. ...

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Article written by Sean Crowe

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