Daniel Snyder’s Brand Busting

Posted: 27th October 2009 by Jarrett Carter in NFL
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I think IÆve figured out what exactly is wrong with the Washington Redskins. ItÆs not specifically the play calling, itÆs not specifically the personnel or the execution; itÆs a weird mash-up of everything being off kilter at the same time. In essence, itÆs total brand failure . Just so we are clear, Daniel Snyder isnÆt interested in building a football community or a sustainable football operation. His vision for the Washington Redskins is to redefine football branding as we know it. Much in the Jerry Jones/Al Davis style of ownership, Snyder is all about big names , high scoring, and creating buzz around the team through multiple venues of attraction; all in the hopes that A) People will pay attention, and B) the team might actu ...

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