Cowboys’ Loss In New York (Sort of) a Giant Disappointment

Posted: 8th December 2009 by Gene Strother in NFL
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The Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants Sunday. If you do not believe me, just ask head coach Wade Phillips. He will delight in telling you all of the good things his team did that day. He will outline all of the ways his team won. It was, after all, a record-setting day for Tony Romo and a record-tying day for Jason Witten. The defense played well...well; if you don't count that ridiculous 74-yard Brandon Jacobs "scamper" (if a play that lasts long enough for you to order and receive a Papa John's pizza can be called a scamper) on a simple swing pass. Special teams were special except for that one little breakdown on the 78-yard punt return for a TD. You know, the one where every Cowboy on the field and half the ones on the sideline had their hands on him, but couldn't get him to the ...

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