Could John Moores Force Chargers out of San Diego?

Posted: 2nd January 2010 by Paul Preibisius in NFL
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One of the primary goals for any owner of a professional sports team is to ensure their team has a new, polished stadium.á Football owners are no different, and for a long time San Diego owner Alex Spanos has sought a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers to play. The desire was temporarily assuaged in 1997, when Jack Murphy Stadium was given extensive renovations.á In addition to new seats, it also received a new name. Qualcomm Stadium was branded for the $18 million Qualcomm offered to the process.á The team had been seeking a new complex, but settled for the fix. While the Chargers were seeking their stadium, the San Diego were also on the hunt, trying to get their own stadium built.á John Moores, having purchased the team in 1994, was looking for an angle t ...

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