Concussions: The NFL’s Biggest Headache

Posted: 6th January 2010 by Frank Fitzpatrick in NFL
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If Brian WestbrookÆs vision isnÆt too fuzzy, and the fog engulfing his consciousness not too dense, the concussed Eagles running back might want to thank Joseph Mason Reeves.

Reeves too was a football player, a genus of athlete noteworthy for its tendency to be both headstrong and head-weak. His teammates called him ôBullö, though frequently he was too dazed to hear them.

An undersized tackle on NavyÆs 1893 team, ReevesÆ unpleasant duty was to plow headfirst into the flying wedges opposing offenses ran with a deadlyùliterally, on occasionùefficiency.

In retrospect, ôheadfirstö was probably an unwise strategy, considering that football heads like ReevesÆ were not yet helmeted. In what was the sportÆs infancy, players actually believed they could pro ...

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