Coming Out of the Closet: Yes, I Am an Oakland Raiders Fan

Posted: 25th November 2009 by Dan Brickl in NFL
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I know what youÆre thinking.á Bay area and coming out of the closet?á Sounds a little suspicious? A few years ago, I was laced with shrapnel from a 40 mm grenade.á Being from Wisconsin, it didnÆt surprise the doctor when he saw green and gold blood seeping out of my right calf wound...that is until he took a closer look.á ôWait a minute.á I see subtle streaks of silver and black,ö the doctor replied.á ôYouÆve got to be kidding me,ö he scolded.á I felt ashamed and relieved. I knew this day would come.ááI had been exposed and it was now time to come ôout of the closetö and just admit it...Yes, I am a Raiders fan.á I have been the last 33 years of my life.á I wonÆt shout it from the rooftops or break the news to my family over Thanksgiving dinner in Wisconsin.á I will le ...

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Article written by Dan Brickl

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