Colts Arrival On Miami’s Block is More Imperative Than Historic Plateau

Posted: 18th December 2009 by Jonathan Mathis in NFL
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Anyone can debate whether now is a good time to rest players, and ignore a historic plateau. And somewhere today, the arrogance of the Æ72 Miami Dolphins has awakened. By the time the Thursday night game finished, the Indianapolis Colts arrived inches closer of shattering a seemingly unbreakable record. What seems untouchable is capable of being broken, but should be the least priority for the Colts. ItÆs obvious theyÆre focused on perfection, not arriving at Mercury MorrisÆ block for the Super Bowl. For all it symbolizes, the Colts are jeopardizing health, putting the franchise at risk. At 14-0, why is a franchise in pursuit of the improbable, unthinkable finish of the ages, prompting an arrogant Morris to scream and utter sarcastic remarks? Why is a franchise trying desperately to re ...

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Article written by Jonathan Mathis

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