Coincidence? I Think Not: The Redemption Correlation

Posted: 7th October 2009 by Josh Pearlstein in NFL
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For those who have read any of my articles before, all two of them, breach yourself for a complete change of topicùfootball. Don't worry the highly anticipated cult article is still comingùyes, I am attempting to create my own hype. I apologize for the shortness of this article. I have about 40 minutes before my class begins, multiple things to do, and wanted to get something posted before someone else came a long and stole my idea. I love conspiracy theories, sometimes too much. In large part because they invoke my imagination with their complicated justifications to simple events.á Tupac is dead. JFK was assassinated. The Knicks got the No. 1 draft pick in the year of Ewing. Yet, those events become so much more interesting when we try to give reason to them that sim ...

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