Class Action Could Reveal What Goes on Under the NFL Hood

Posted: 15th December 2009 by Big AL Fan in NFL
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You're going to like this.

Let's say you spend your hard-earned money on an expensive car├╣advertised to you to get 60 MPG. You fill the gas tank, drive around for a day, and the tank is empty much sooner than you expect. You take the car back to the dealer, and they tell you that they reviewed the odometer, and the ruling in their garage is that you are getting 60 MPG. They will not take the car back. Get over it.

Do you have recourse? You have both physical and visual evidence. Do you sit there like a chump and do nothing, or persist until justice is served? Do you think an honest jury would rule in your favor?

Now what if that expensive car was an NFL team that you have spent hard-earned cash on, while investing numerous hours of time, resources, and emot ...

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