Cincinnati Bengals Week 10 Recap: Meet the New Boss

Posted: 17th November 2009 by B. Clifton Burke in NFL
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There is a luxury suite on the top floor that overlooks the AFC North. It's shiny and comfortable and smells like the Playoffs. After milling about their new digs for a while, the Bengals put their feet up on the glass table, leaned back, and smiled to themselves. This is the life. á Suddenly Marvin Lewis bursts into the room and banishes his team to the boiler room. á ôWe can come back when we win it,ö he tells them as they file out and head to the basement. á In the parking lot below, Pittsburgh walks to its car holding a cardboard box, escorted by two NFL security guards. Behind them is Pittsburgh's secretary, Baltimore, also carrying a box but walking alone. á Most of the world still has a hard time accepting the facts: In the toughest division in football, Cincinnati has c ...

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Article written by B. Clifton Burke

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