Chickens Coming Home to Roost: How Did Raiders Get Here?

Posted: 28th October 2009 by won ton in NFL
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Passion is the nemesis of reason.á A desired outcome can sometimes blind the reality of the situation.á Don't get me wrong, I want the Raiders to win a Super Bowl again before I die, I'd like to be able to die someday and know that we were winners. In 2003 I paid a month's salary to go Tampa to see the Raiders, only see them embarrass themselves.á But I kept hope... Hope is the last thing to go. The constant chatter has been whether the Raiders need a new head coach, new recievers, or an offensive coordinator, or how the Raiders will return to greatness with the direction of a competent general manager. They're all good suggestions. In fact, at this point the organization is in such bad shape that any shift in personnel and strategy couldn't be much more detrimental to the team than the ...

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