Chicago Bears to Dominate the Detroit Lions? Not So Fast

Posted: 29th September 2009 by Max Kienzler in NFL
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When the Chicago Bearsásquare off against division rivals the Detroit Lions this weekend, many are expecting the Bears to run away with it. Call me pessimistic, but I am not falling for that one. I have been a Bears fan all my life and what I have noticed over the pastáfew yearsáis that the Bears have a tendency to play down to the Lionsálevel. Now, I am not saying they will lose this game, but I would be very surprised if the Bears ran away with it, especially considering how the Bears have played them recently. And you know what, let me rant for a minute... It really isn't just the Lions I am talking about here, there areátoo many examples of the Bears playing down to worse teams.á Take this past Sunday's game against the Seahawks. Seattle was missing several starters on both the d ...

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Article written by Max Kienzler

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