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Sure, firing offensive coordinator Ron Turner is a step in the right direction. But what about the men who hired him in the first place? When will the Bears hold the feet of Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo to the fire? Add to that the name of Bears president Ted Phillips, and you have the Three Stooges. To the fans, today's news that head case, er, head coach Lovie Smith will returnáis like a sharp slap in the face from the Bears organization. Look, the Bearsádon't care about you, onlyáyour moneyùand they know they already have that. With every game a sellout and many more waiting for a chance at seasonátickets, the McCaskey familyáaren't concerned in the least about what we think. Still, I believe I speak for most Bears fans when I say this stinksálike rotten tuna. But no, there's not ...

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Article written by Bob Warja

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