Chargers’ Run Game Lost in Witness Protection

Posted: 9th November 2009 by Michael Scarr in NFL
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It hasnÆt quite gone the way of the flying wedge, but itÆs getting close. If it were a television episode, it would require an update on the fate of the courageous heroes. Out on the town on a Saturday night, and there would be no need for it to avoid publicity seekers, gawkers, or paparazzi. ItÆs the Chargers running game, and while not yet extinct, itÆs about as effective as a leather helmet. A once proud unit that featured LaDainian Tomlinson chewing up yards and spitting out touchdowns behind the human blocking sled of Lorenzo Neal is now an afterthought which can barely break the line of scrimmage. Where game sheets once revealed stats like 192 now are barely visible with numbers like 22. That 192, you may ask, was LTÆs rushing total a ...

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