Chargers-Broncos: Gruden “I’ll Show You a Wild Horse”

Posted: 20th October 2009 by Ian Philip in NFL
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As I watched the Chargers receive a second straight prime-time smack down, there was one bright spot. I was at a buddy's house, who somehow was receiving the game commercial free. I guess that's how those Iranian cats do it. Instead of commercials, we were treated to Mike Tirico, John Gruden, and Ron Jaworski's banter during commercial breaks, and I've got to tell you, it was the most interesting game I've ever watched. They were mostly chatting about game and telling the crew to get some stats together, but I knew they were going to say politically incorrect stuff eventually. Any one remember Al Michaels's 'S' bomb on Monday Night Football a decade or so ago when he thought his mic was off? Jaworski advised that the lights have been turned out on out Shawne Merriman's pass rushing abilit ...

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Article written by Ian Philip

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