Can The New York Jets Accomodate The Loss of Jenkins

Posted: 21st October 2009 by David Wyatt in NFL
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The loss to the Buffalo Bills this Sunday was a blow, a crushing defeat that highlighted everything that every Jets fan worried about coming into the 2009-2010 season. The quarterback was a rookie, the head coach was a rookie, the depth on the offensive line and defensive line are questionable, the receiving core is not deep enough, and with the free-spirited friendly figure taking over from the disciplinarian fatherly figure, penalties cost us. All questions that we have flirted with over the course of the season but not been forced to answer, well like so many other things, they all came flooding to prominence on Monday morning and to some extent Sunday night.á Where the 'same ol' Jets' slogan almost became as fashionable as the 'lovable losers' tag strapped to the necks of the Cubs fr ...

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Article written by David Wyatt

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