Bye-Bye, Birdie: The NFL Levies Bud Adams Heavy

Posted: 17th November 2009 by K. D. James in NFL
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Remember when, as kids in an archaic time period, our mothers would scold us for sticking our tongues out at funny-looking strangers, and say something like, "[Insert your full , fulláname here], you come over here, mister/missy! What you did was impolite! Apologize to him/her right this very minute, or I'll send you to your room this eveningùwithout any supper!" á We'd bicker and bawl, trudge begrudgingly some odd distance to the insulted gentleman or lady, and then have to tell him or her how we're sorry for the impoliteness. á "Do you remember that?," as Chris Farley famously used to say in the "Chris Farley Show" skits on Saturday Night Live . á Decades have passed since those of authority have corrected public impudence. á Well, have they? á Not on Sunday afternoon in Nashville ...

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