Buffalo Bills Need to Lay Off the Turkeys This Year

Posted: 26th November 2009 by JW Nix in NFL
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Yo! I jus wanna says for furst off dat I wishes yous alls a deelishous dead bird day, capeesh?

Let me intoduece myself too dose of yous dat dont know me.

I iz 7thStoneFromDaSun. I am 3rdStoneFromTheSun's cuzin, whos yous all know as JW now.

I usually post my procrastinashuns on anothur sight, but since my cuzin iz on a train right now and kant pick, I iz takin ova wit his blessin.

I iz postin our pix for your football games twoday, but givin my insites as too why, sence we agree on the choices. á Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions

Yo, da Lions got dat eeloosive win las weak. Hope dey enjoy it, cause it mite be a minute befour they get one again. They will be starting Culpepper and Johnson mite not play. Not good, capeesh? Expect Ryan Grant to ...

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