Brian Urlacher-Gale Sayers Feud Is Silly

Posted: 22nd May 2010 by Jake Perper in NFL
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Brian Urlacher is an NFL veteran, so you would think he would know better than to pick a fight with a Hall of Famer like Gale Sayers. Especially since Gale Sayers was such a great player for Urlacher’s team, the Chicago Bears, way before Urlacher was even born.

The whole feud is silly because Gale Sayers was speaking at a banquet when a fan asked him his thoughts on the current state of the Bears. Sayers answered by saying “Cutler hasn’t done the job. Urlacher, I don’t know how good he’s going to be coming back [from surgery]. He’s 33 years old (Note: Urlacher is actually 32). They need a couple wide receivers, a couple defensive backs. They haven’t done a good job.”

Maybe Gale Sayers is right, but the Bears are clearly going to be better than last season. The moves they have made are moves that can’t go unnoticed. Players like Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor, Brandon Manumaleuna and coaches like Mike Martz and Mike Tice are great pickups. Gale Sayers can have what ever opinion he wants when it comes to the Bears because first of all he played great for them and he is still a huge supporter of them. I think if a Chicago Bears great says your not doing well, then it’s only motivation to do better.

I’m proud of Brian Urlacher for defending the current Bears team, but he didn’t have to come back and argue with the Hall of Famer, Gale Sayers.

Whose going to defend you? Nobody.

A Hall of Fame running back is going to get the support, not a player who was a great player, but might not be the same player he used to be at age 32. Neither Urlacher or Sayers have won a championship, neither of them have a ring. Urlacher had his chance in 2006 against the Colts, but the Bears blew that opportunity. I can understand Urlacher coming at Sayers about rings if he did win a Super Bowl, but he didn’t.

You know when Bears greats Mike Ditka, Dan Hampton and Dick Butkus defend Gale Sayers that your not winning the argument.

Brian Urlacher needs to have a big year so this story doesn’t continue through the entire season. He needs to back up his trash talk with solid play. Brian Urlacher is still one of my favorite players on the Bears and I respect him for what he has done for the organization, but he needs to think before he talks next time about a Hall of Famer.

Mike Ditka said the perfect things about this feud, when he talked on Mike and Mike in the Morning.

Mike Ditka had this to say:

“The Bears are in the North division. Right now, they have two concerns: Green Bay and Minnesota, that should be their only two concerns.”

“Unless they can control their division they’re not going to win. And right now there are two teams that are playing better than they are, and that’s Green Bay and Minnesota.”

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