Brett Favre Cult Culture: The Decline of America

Posted: 2nd November 2009 by Janean Marti in NFL
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The saddest sight at the Lambeau Field Favre-apalooza was the slightly chubby chick and her balding male counterpart holding up a sign proclaiming their undying love for Brett Favre.

Apparently the couple believed leaving the community of Packer fans for a declaration of undying love for one NFL football player would somehow connect them with the celebrity of the player.

One imagines the chubby chick would see herself as 10 pounds lighter in the mirror tomorrow if only Favre would acknowledge her love and devotion as displayed by her sign. Perhaps her undying Favre love will somehow connect her to FavreÆs $12 million VikingÆs contract and FavreÆs expressed wish tonight in a post-game press conference to win a Super Bowl for the Vikings.< ...

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