Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson: The Drama Continues in Cleveland

Posted: 23rd December 2009 by Brian DiTullio in NFL
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Brady Quinn is out, again, as the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns after a foot injury prematurely ended his season. á With that kernel of news, Derek Anderson once again gets to showcase his skill at throwing interceptions for the scouts around the league. á Mike Holmgren now has the unenviable task of choosing whether or not to keep Quinn as his starter going into the 2010 season. That Quinn will be kept over Anderson now isnÆt a debatable point, itÆs whether or not Quinn will be the starter or the backup. á Anderson had his final chance to be the starter of the future for the Browns when Quinn got benched in Week Three. Anderson responded by posting some of the worst QB ratings in the history of the league. á QuinnÆs performance hasnÆt exactly lit the place up eithe ...

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Article written by Brian DiTullio

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