Bill Belichick Shows Genius With Tough Call

Posted: 17th November 2009 by Todd Fleming in NFL
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Almost the entire sportswriting universe has turned on Bill Belichick with a vengeance.á Peter King, who I think is aávery good sportswriter,ácalled his decision hubris.ááIt was just Belichick pridefullyáshowing off.á The irony is that if the Patriots had converted the fourth-and-2 and run out the clock, those exact same sportswriters would be gushing about the genius that is Belichick.á They would be saying how he operates at a completely different level.á And they would be right. As a Steelers' fan, IÆm the last person who I ever thought would be defending Darth Vader, but I think it was a smart call.á The hooded one played the percentages.á In this case, he lost.á Belichick was armed with one of the best quarterbacks in league history surrounded by some of the some of the b ...

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