Bengals Win: Final Result Is All That Matters

Posted: 5th October 2009 by David Campbell in NFL
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A win is a win is a win, no matter how lousy your team looks in the process. Cincinnati survived a comatose offense, a vulnerable defense, and long snapper Brad St. LouisÆ sudden case of the yips to beat Cleveland 23-20 in overtime Sunday. It wasnÆt pretty, but thankfully, this is the NFL, not the BCS, where nobody hands out style points. The bottom line is getting the victory, then moving on to next week. ItÆs a concept that some fans have a hard time wrapping their heads around. ôWe didnÆt play well,ö they say, or ôWe should have blown that team out.ö True, but the bottom line is the final score. Nothing else truly matters. Sure, you would like your team to play better, but would you rather be a 3-1 Bengals team that has yet to play a truly good game, or an 0-4 Tennessee Titans t ...

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