ARRGHH! Are My Carolina Panthers Tickets Tainted?

Posted: 10th September 2009 by Jake Wooten in NFL
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I was torn, emotionally, as I looked for some decent Carolina Panthers tickets a few days ago...torn, because on one hand, I love football and I love that I can get to a few games in person again this year, and I love my Carolina Panthers. But oh, do they torment me with their up-and-down mentality...and like a bad relationship, I know my Panthers too well. You see, the Panthers, like any NFL team are an organization...a company, if you will. And although I don't play for an NFL team, I have worked for several companies in my lifetime, some bad, and some...well, less bad. But that's another topic. The point is, I learned that an organization follows it's head; if there are problems in the stock room, there are almost assuredly those same types of problems in the board room. If you have a C ...

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