Are “Madden Simulations” an Accurate Predictor of NFL Games?

Posted: 9th October 2009 by Todd McGregor in NFL
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This article is for all you gamers and NFL fans alike.á It's easy to see, more now than ever, that much emphasis is put on pre-game predictions. Traditionally, most predictions that "count", have been made by pundits, commentators on television and radio, and the Vegas "smart money" picks we see everywhere. However, a new type of predictor has hit the sports scene with a vengeance in just the last few years. It's the "Madden Forecast", or more appropriately this year, the "Madden 2010 Forecast". ESPN is obviously one of the largest sports media outlets in the world, and one of the most respected. Every week, eight major sports analysts make their predictions for what they believe the outcome will be in every game that weekend. Their records are impressive this year, with "Mort" le ...

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