A New Direction For Buffalo Bills Fans

Posted: 16th September 2009 by Jeff Pencek in NFL
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I previously wrote the 10 worst moments of the decade, and after the Patriots loss I was going to go on and write the 100 worst of the decade. The Pats loss shockingly would not make the top 10 most painful moments, which I hope gives an idea to fans of other teams how bad the decade has been. The idea was to write all of the bad things as a séance, to get them out in the air and clear the soul, but just writing the list brought back too many bad memories. As Bills fans, we are addicted to the negative, because we expect it as this point like a junkie expects his next fix. Most Bills fans knew the Bills were going to blow the 24-13 lead and lose. That’s no way to be a fan of a sport that should be an escape. I’m going to go in a different direction for this article and w ...

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