A 3 Step Blueprint for Jamarcus to Turn His Season Around

Posted: 28th October 2009 by Al's Wingman in NFL
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How often does Al Davis place a call to a journalist? á Not very often. It would even be more rare for Al to call a journalist for a positive conversation. á However, recently he did in fact call Jarrett Bell of USA Today . á I'll speculate that his reasons could not have been because he likes the media and wants to provide accurate information.á If that were the case, Al would be a lot more proactive with communicating with "newspaper men" (as he refers to them as). á It's not like Mr. Bell is the only reporter asking questions about the suitability of Jamarcus as an NFL QB.á So why phone Bell out of anyone else asking the same questions?á A chance encounter in an elevator?á Nah, c'mon. á But let's leave on the table the fact that Mr. Bell is black and the subject at hand was bla ...

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