5 Wide: The Evolution Of The Quarterback

Posted: 24th December 2009 by Curt Hogg in NFL
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Jack makes the pre-snap read. Outside æbackers are blitzing. He signals for a hard count. Hut one. He calls for slide protection and motions for the tight end to pick up the blitz in the backfield. Hut two. Defense still hasnÆt jumped. Hut three . Jack checks his first option. Covered.
One Mississippi.
Jack looks hard at the quick slant, but the MIKE drops back into coverage.
Two Mississippi.
Jack looks down the seam for option number three. Double coverage. NobodyÆs open.
Three Mississippi.
Jack goes through his reads again. He looks the safety away, and then sees his first option open. Jack prepares to throw, but feels the WILL breathing down his neck at that moment. Jack tucks the ball away.
Four Mississippi. Run.
Jack steps up and runs. Get t ...

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