49ers Are Erring In Rushing Crabtree Onto The Field

Posted: 23rd October 2009 by Michael Erler in NFL
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Michael Crabtree hasnÆt played one snap of pro ball and IÆm already sick and tired of talking about him. The endless speculation over whether heÆll start or not, how much action heÆll get, how heÆll perform, and ultimately, what kind of impact heÆll have on whatÆs been so far a fairly lifeless 49ers ôoffenseö has worn me out. ItÆs almost enough to wish that the 10th overall pick out of Texas Tech and his reality-challenged agent wouldÆve kept their heels firmly planted in the dirt for a few more weeks, just to spare us from the all this senseless hype. ItÆs true that their front office is desperately looking for someoneùanyoneùthat they can promote to be the face of the team besides head coach Mike Singletary, but for the sake of both the 'Niners in general and Crabtree spec ...

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