2009 Cleveland Browns: Excuse Free

Posted: 21st September 2009 by Luke Florence in NFL
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Excuses are like a-holes. Every one has them, and they all stink.

The world of professional sports acts as an excuse-factory, recycling old justifications with a shiny new wrinkle on it. Too many injuries, several horrific calls by the referees, or not enough team chemistry are just some of the routine excuses we hear in sports.

Some are justified, some are not. That's not the point. The point is what happens when you don't have an excuse? What happens then?

Malcolm Gladwell (might just be my favorite author ... birthday hint-hint, nudge-nudge) wrote that Americans tend to be lazier than other cultures due to self-preservation. In other words, we think it's better to be lazy than a failure.

Think of a college student getting ready for an exam. S ...

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